Loans at low rateIn turn, cash- credit policy, along with the budget, is the basis of all state state regulation of the economy. Unlike the guarantee a guarantee is not an act, supplementary to credit agreement. Acting as a financial broker, banks perform in mediation functions in the purchase and sale of securities for the account and at behalf of the client on the basis of a Commission agreement or order. The provision of collateral the loan can be made by satisfying applications of the Bank fixed the Lombard interest rate, and through the holding of auction bids of the Bank at prevailing auction rate cut-off. Second, banks are distinguished by a commitment of unconditional promises formed with a fixed amount of debt to legal and fizi- ical parties. The number and types of other documents set specific creditor. In the middle ages, banks began the practice- VAT safekeeping of gold, securities and other valuables of their clients in its own secure storage.

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Their functions and methods of influence on the financial hydrothermal system was modified, and the degree of influence on the de soft credit system of the country is immeasurably increased. The Foundation again is laid, and obtained loans serve as a source of financing of the next of the construction phase. Term loan — this form of loan. Bank (FR. Ubiquity in contemporary Central banks received only in the XX century.

The borrower repays the loan and pays the percentage in accordance with the loan agreement. Loans were so- to favorable the fact that banks began to seek ways mobiles- the organization (attraction) additional funds. Specific historical date of origin of banks no. Most often the Central Bank is directly accountable to legislative dative authority of the country or educated latest specifi sentatives of the banking Commission. Credit primarily issued by banks, although they can be provided economic entities with available cash environments- STV.

Exceptional value banks determi- determined mainly because they can: to form a means of payment; to issue means of payment in circulation; serve as means of payment withdrawal from circulation. 3. In practice, a triple-a contract of insurance that is between the insurance company, the Bank and the borrower. Non-cash payments increasingly intrude into the sphere of money from- relations of individuals. Turnover money is influenced financial institutions, and first of all- th banks, which provide the basis for cash flow and related with all branches and sectors of the economy. Describe the main stages in the development of modern a commercial Bank.

Lien on the property shall be transferred with him to anyone new purchaser of the property. On the basis of the target credits are: • financial; • commercial; • commodity; • investment tax; • tax. The Bank of England is an intermediate position between the Bundesbank (Germany) as the most influential and independent institution and the Bank of France, located dasamsa completely dependent on the government. Liability insurance for the borrower's outstanding loan JW- is pretty common form of collateral, though and increases the cost of the borrower on the loan fees insurance- tion, i.e. The incidence of loans are divided into international and internal. The content of the redistributive function of the loan is the implementation of the overflow of money capital from one industry and spheres entrepreneurship in others.

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